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Life in the UK 対策 【社会科編】





1) Which country of the UK is not represented on the Union Flag?
  A Scotland   B Wales  C Northern Ireland   D England


(2) Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

 Population growth in the UK has been faster in recent years, thanks in part to  

 migration and longer life expectancy.      A TRUE     B FALSE


(3) Which TWO of the following are British values based on?

  A Traditions   B EU law   C Party politics    D History


(4) Which of the following statement is correct?

  A Most people live in towns and cities but much of Britain is still countryside.

  B Most people live in the countryside but much of Britain is covered by towns and



(5) Where does the UK Parliament sit?

  A Westminster  B Downing Street C Stormont   D The House of Lords


(6) What is the capital city of Northern Ireland?

  A Belfast  B Dublin  C The Pale   D Edinburgh


(7) What is the capital city of the UK?

  A Birmingham  B Liverpool   C London   D Sheffield


(8) Which of the following statement is correct?

  A People in the UK are living longer than ever before.

  B The average lifespan for UK residents is steadily decreasing.


(9) What currency is used in the UK?
  A Euro   B Dollar      C Pound sterling    D Ruble


(10) In which city is the Scottish Parliament based?

  A Sheffield    B Edinburgh     C Glasgow   D Cardiff


(11) Areas of protected countryside that everyone can visit and where people live, work   

  and look after the landscape are called which of the following?

  A Greenfield sites   B Country estates

  C National parks    D Moorland


(12) Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
  The first Union Flag was created in 1606.

  A True    B False


(13) Which two of the following are British overseas territories?
  A Jamaica   B St Helena

  C Australia   D The Falkland Islands






(1)  B そもそもユニオンフラッグって、こうゆうことです。





(2) A  移民が多くなり、平均寿命が長くなっている影響で、人口が増えています。 


(3) A、D イギリス人は伝統と歴史を大切にしています。島国であるが故なのか、日本 


(4) A  これは明らかですね。ちなみに大都市ベスト3は、1位ロンドン(886万人)、


(5) A  英国議会と言えばウエストミンスター

(6) A  北アイルランドの首都はベルファストウェールズの首都がカーディフ、ス


(7) C  もちろんUKとしてはロンドンが首都。

(8) A  寿命は徐々に延びています。

(9) C  Pound、日本語的には「ポンド」ですが、正式にはPound sterlingと言いま


(10)  B    スコットランド議会はエディンバラにあります。   

(11)  C  イギリスにはたくさんの整った国立公園があります。ロンドンは世界初の  


(12)  A        (1)の写真の通りです。まず1606年にイングランドスコットランド


(13) B, D    St Helenaはアフリカ大陸から2800㎞離れた孤島、The Falkland Islands